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Theses finished at CIR

Master Theses

Johannes Perl (2012) Detecting and Characterizing Interactions within Multivariate Brain Activity
Wolf-Dieter Vogl (2012) Automatic Segmentation and Classification Of Breast Lesions Using a Novel Multimodal Imaging Approach
Werner Lang (2012) Semi-supervised Annotation of Medical Data
Helmut Steiner (2011) Fully Automated Modelling, Localisation and Segmentation of 3D CT Hand Data
Thomas Schlegl (2011) Detection And Quantitative Observation Of Fetal Eye Movement Patterns
Karl-Heinz Nenning (2011) Mirror Visual Feedback Therapy for Phantom Pain: Changes in Functional Connectivity Patterns
Ernst Schwartz (2010) Measuring the effects of aortic branch transposition onto the vessel dynamics of the Aorta
Lukas Fischer (2010) Optimizing Shape Particle Filters for the Detection and Segmentation of Medical Images
Eva Dittrich (2009) Automatic Segmentation of Retinal Vessels and Measurement of Doppler Flow Velocity in Optical Coherence Tomography Data
Peter Widhalm (2008) Automatic Assessment of the Knee Alignment Angles on Full-limb Radiographs
Sebastian Zambanini Automatic Assessment of Lesion Development in Hemangioma Follow-Up Images